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    Due to weak bridges and low turning radius enroute from Siliguri to Site, the contracted logistics service provider of one of the world’s leading energy solutions companies, was unable to deliver two transformer units, putting the project on hold.

    The challenge was to move material weighing 65MT with an approved bridge capacity of 80MT, only possible if unladen vehicle weight was 15MT or less, which was impossible as the counter weight is 35MT. On being approached by the client, Coast Liners undertook a detailed route analysis and deployed customized Gooseneck Technology. This eliminated the puller’s counter weight, increased payload and improved turning radius along with fuel saving. The consignment was delivered on time and safely to enable effectively commissioning of the project at client end.

    • Safe delivery with no damage to material and infrastructure
    • Effective commissioning of the project
    • Ease in manoeuvring reducing delivery time
    • Coast Liners became the trusted logistics partner for key projects in the future

    One of India’s leading turnkey engineering project contracting company approached Coast Liners in a tense situation when it’s contracted logistics service provider failed to deliver three transformer units, dilly-dallying the project for over three years. Having to cater to the power and infrastructure sector, the company in question had a lot at stake with loss of time, accumulated costs and risk of losing its client.

    The challenge was to move three transformers each weighing 55MT with minimal transport jerk on an almost impossible terrain having multiple steep slopes with a low turning radius enroute from Siliguri to Rambhi.

    On undertaking a detailed route survey and understanding all possible enroute obstacles, Coast Liners took the creative route to resolve the complications. With smart thinking the Coast Liners team designed a customized vehicle solution including Front Pullers, Hydraulic Axles, Back Pullers and Earth Moving Equipment, each having a unique role to play. With the vehicle moving automatically on the slope, the Front Puller balanced the load, the Back Puller pushed with restrain and the Earth Mover constrained the acceleration. An enroute bridge with an approved passing height of 17ft and the loaded material being 17.3ft was yet another reason for the job being held. With out-of-box thinking, Coast Liners sought the customer’s permission to remove the transformer cap and with their supervision smartly reduced the height. The consignment was delivered in time and safely and the client effectively commissioned the project.

    • Minimal transport jerk ensuring safe delivery
    • Effective commissioning of the project with no further delays
    • Prevention of loss of the contracting company’s reputation and business amongst its clients
    • Coast Liners gains recognition for offering smart and simple logistics solutions

    A key project for a leading global engineering conglomerate involved moving six 90MT reactors and two 190MT transformers from Mumbai Port to Silchar. With no motorable road, multiple small bridges and culverts, the Coast Liners team designed, planned and successfully executed a multi modal solution offering amplified benefits to the overall project.
    From Mumbai to Kolkata, we transported the consignment by road. In Kolkata, we created a Jetty on River Ganga and set a Barge afloat. The loaded trailer was moved onto the Barge and the material was unloaded using custom tools and equipment. Keeping in mind the need for unloading on site, the trailer with the tools and equipment was set afloat on one barge. A Jetty was created at Silchar and a similar process was followed for unloading. We offered end-to-end service, undertaking clearance formalities enroute Bangladesh.

    • Cost savings to the tune of 1.5 crores
    • On-time delivery enabling timely commissioning of the project
    • Route created for future movements
    • Comprehensive service delivery